About Us

Jul 31, 2023

Our Story

Hi! It's me, Rebecca, owner and operator of NaturePure Cleaning Co.

We are a natural cleaning company that offers toxin-free and sustainable house cleaning services in Mountain View County, AB and surrounding areas.

I started NaturePure Cleaning Co. in 2023 because I believe you deserve peace of mind when hiring a cleaning company to clean your home. That's why you'll never find us using harsh chemicals or toxic solutions in your home to achieve a radiant shine. 

And for me, it's personal. 


My Story

Following the birth of my son in 2018, I found myself struggling to regain my health. I'd suffered a traumatic birth that nearly cost me my life and I was left with both mental and physical health challenges. 

It was during that time that I became deeply passionate about healthy living. I got to work with some amazing natural health practitioners who helped me learn how to naturally support my body and healing process. Over the course of the next few years, I slowly regained my health. 

Owner, Rebecca

An Awakening

One of the many things I learned about was the damaging effects chemicals found in my eveyday products could have on my health. I was shocked that so many seemingly harmless cleaning products could have such long term health implications. 

I also became increasingly concerned about the impact all these toxic chemicals were having on our planet. I learned that many single use products (particularily plastic ones) continue to leach harmful toxins into the earth long after they are tossed away. Toxins which then make their way back into our waterways and systems, wrecking havoc on our ecosystems and planet along the way. 

In an effort to be more mindful of the products we used and reduce our exposure to harsh chemicals, I made the switch to natural and sustainable cleaning solutions in my own family's home and never looked back.

Fast forward to today, and I am healthy and thriving. My son is growing up way too fast and I'm more passionate than ever about the benefits of using natural and sustainable cleaning solutions in both my own home and yours.

When the opportunity to start this company came along, I knew it was time to take my passion and apply it to building something truly unique and special.

With NaturePure Cleaning Co., I've combined 3 things I love into one:

1. Cleaning! I live for the satisfaction of a good before and after. 

2. Helping people thrive. 

3. Natural cleaning solutions that are safe and effective. 

That's why I'm proud to offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional cleaning services, using toxin-free nature backed cleaning solutions.

Our Mission

At NaturePure Cleaning Co., we believe in a clean that doesn't compromise the health of you, your loved ones, or the planet.

Our company is built on the principles of health and safety for all, through the use of toxin-free and sustainable cleaning products that don't endanger the wellbeing of you, your loved ones, or the planet. 

As we like to say: a clean home, naturally.